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What is gematria effect sports

Daishura / 17.11.2020

A single word can yield multiple values depending on the cipher used. Gematria originated as an Assyro-Babylonian-Greek system of alphanumeric code or cipher that was later adopted into Jewish culture. Similar systems have been used in other languages and cultures: earlier, the Greek isopsephyand later, derived from or inspired by Hebrew gematria, Arabic abjad numeralsand English gematria.

A well-known example of Hebrew gematria is the word chai "alive"which is composed of two letters that using the assignments in the Mispar gadol table shown below add up to This has made 18 a " lucky number " among the Jewish people.

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Gifts of money in multiples of 18 are very popular. It is likely that both Greek words had an influence on the formation of the Hebrew word. The word has been extant in English since at least the 17th century from translations of works by Giovanni Pico della Mirandola. Although ostensibly derived from Greek isopsephyit is largely used in Jewish texts, notably in those associated with the Kabbalah. The term does not appear in the Hebrew Bible itself.

Some identify two forms of gematria: the "revealed" form, which is prevalent in many hermeneutic methods found throughout rabbinic literatureand the "mystical" form, a largely Kabbalistic practice. Some scholars think it possible that gematria is encoded in the Hebrew Bible.

A Mishnaic textual source makes clear that the word gematria is dated to at least the Tannaic period:. Rabbi Eleazar Chisma [13] said: the laws of mixed bird offerings and the key to the calculations of menstruation days—these, these are the body of the halakhah.

The calculation of the equinoxes and gematriot are the condiments of wisdom. Herbert Danbyin his Mishna translation, explains gematriot as follows:. Astronomy and geometry are meant. Of these Eleazar Chisma is reported to have been a diligent student.

However, Danby also notes a case of the latter kind of gematria already in Mishnah Uktzin In the Talmudthe term gematria is also used to refer to a different concept: the atbash cipher. Anglican scholar E. Although his conclusions have since been challenged on the grounds of confirmation bias and mathematical inconsistencies. In the standard Mispar hechrechi version of gematriaeach letter is given a numerical value between 1 andas shown in the following table.

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In the Mispar gadol variation, the five final letters are given their own values, ranging from to The value of the Hebrew vowels is not usually counted, but some lesser-known methods include the vowels as well.

The most common vowel values are as follows a less common alternative value, based on digit sumis given in parentheses :. Sometimes the names of the vowels are spelled out and their gematria is calculated using standard methods. More advanced methods are usually used for the most significant Biblical verses, prayersnames of God and angels etc.

These methods include: [19]. Within the wider topic of Gematria are included the various alphabet transformations where one letter is substituted by another based on a logical scheme:. Most of the above-mentioned methods and ciphers are listed by Rabbi Moshe Cordevero.

Some authors provide lists of as many as various replacement ciphers, related to the mystical Gates of the Sefer Yetzirah. Dozens of other far more advanced methods are used in Kabbalistic literature, without any particular names. In Ms. Oxford 1, one article lists 75 different forms of gematria. Rabbi Elazar Rokeach often used multiplication, instead of addition, for the above-mentioned methods.Keep in mind he was the MVP of Super Bowl 50, which we predicted correctly, along with everything else about that game, in October of that season, months before the Super Bowl.

This matters because the first player to come down with coronavirus was 55, Brian Allen, and the upcoming NFL season will conclude with Super Bowl Also important to note, is that while the Broncos were years-old and change, it was their 56th season when they won Super Bowl 50, and when Von Miller was named MVP. This news broke April 15, Krystal Sauz is here to tell us the story of her late husband Israel. This story reveals all you need to know about that stimulus bill. Keep in mind was years-ago.

Keep in mind Bill Gates is Mr. Of course he was CEO of Microsoft for years. The flavor of the coronavirus months. It should be noted that Marina is getting a lot of attention because of the recent YouTube documentary Out of the Shadows.

As for his argument about a bat, I imagine he would think it is a coincidence the U.

what is gematria effect sports

It is interesting to note that many nations including the U. The cancellation was days before the scheduled date. Coronavirus Government News. Celebrity Coronavirus News Sports. Notice 55 is shown in the right image. Coronavirus News. Big Tech News Secret Societies. Murder by Numbers News Police State. Mike Buchanan Dead: Longtime D.

Coronavirus Financial News. Celebrity Coronavirus News.Before the Corona virus out-break the biggest world-wide shockwave was provided by the announcement of the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant.

Another relatively recent world-wide shockwave was provided by the events of September 11th, In the zodiac each sign has a ruling planet. The name of the art-work is Transportation. The Pentagon was part of the grand ritual. This is a conspicuous literal stamp on the Kobe Bryant-as-Mercury sacrifice ritual. In astrology a sign and planet are said to be in detriment when they are in the sign that is directly opposite them on the zodiacal wheel.

A planet is said to be at minimum strength when in the house directly opposing it on the zodiac wheel. Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini. Directly opposite Virgo is Pisces; directly opposite Gemini is Sagittarius, as shown in the chart below.

A huge acknowledgement to Bobby and caseyjonesoccultastrology. Since 4, The result is exactly 3. So, the death of JFK Jr. I acknowledge caseyjones occult astrology again, for this observation. Read his post here:.

Another element of his role as Mercury in the future sacrifice ritual. The symbol for the planet Jupiter above looks like the number Relevant to both Jupiter and Mercury, 24 is the perfect number for a representative of Mercury in a sacrifice ritual. April 1st or 1st April is a date written or April 1st is the Day-of-the-Trickster.

He too goes by the code. A less well-known clown-genre is the French white-faced clown, the Auguste clown; named by the code. October 4th, was the th day-of-the-year. The sidereal rotation period of the planet Mercury is From Greek-mythology website theoi. The names of the Joker co-creators align with the Gematria of the archetypal root:. Some words that sum to also sum to He plays a character named Viktor Navorski. Gematria reveals why that name was chosen.

His country Krakozhia has experienced a military coup. Remember, this movie was released in Viktor Navorski is eventually able to visit New York City and watches and meets Benny Golson who plays himself in the movie. Does the above scene represent an angelic deceased Manu Dibango, victim of Corona virus being watched by Corona virus victim Tom Hanks? Gematria reveals why Benny Golson was chosen for a Corona virus predictive programming movie:.

Philadelphia is definitely an element of an over-arching ritual. To have power of people one has to control their perceptions.Keep in mind he was the MVP of Super Bowl 50, which we predicted correctly, along with everything else about that game, in October of that season, months before the Super Bowl. This matters because the first player to come down with coronavirus was 55, Brian Allen, and the upcoming NFL season will conclude with Super Bowl Also important to note, is that while the Broncos were years-old and change, it was their 56th season when they won Super Bowl 50, and when Von Miller was named MVP.

This news broke April 15, That should show you what a joke this entire ordeal is. Dead at 85?

Karl Anthony Towns' mother dies from coronavirus, April 13, 2020, after March 25 diagnosis

Green Bay, Wisconsin? Keep in mind Tarvaris Jackson reportedly died at PM just days ago…. Willie Davis has died days after his own birthday, the number that connects to the Jesuits, the gang that have much influence over the world of rigged sports. Of course, she is the wife of an NFL football player.

Notice he is dead days after his birthday. Go back and see our prediction of Pete Alonso winning the home run derby ofwhich he did. Not only did he win it, he won it with 57 home runs. Anthony Causi reportedly died one day earlier, Easter Sunday, April 12, That was a date with 56 numerology, and the day leaving days left in the year, the 56th prime.

Recall, March 25,the date she was announced sick, was the date of the massive stimulus bill that was for the Knights Templar and Scottish Rite Freemasons who control the world of banking. A car crash is blamed for the cause of death. Again, the Tiger symbolism is everywhere.

what is gematria effect sports

ALSO, the college football championship to start was Tigers vs. This happened Sunday, April 12,what is the nd day of the year in non-leap-years. Keep in mind this is the date the Civil War began in history, April 12, His name also sums tothe HUGE number with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, coming after Eventthe coronavirus outbreak simulation.

Gematria Explained

My fear is this agenda is going to target black Americans and black people worldwide in the near future. Celebrity Coronavirus News Sports.

Notice 55 is shown in the right image.


Coronavirus Government News Politics Sports. Murder by Numbers Secret Societies Sports. Celebrity Murder by Numbers Sports. Coronavirus Murder by Numbers News Sports. Celebrity Coronavirus Murder by Numbers Sports. Murder by Numbers News Sports. Celebrity News Racism Sports.If you speak to someone who studies numerology they will tell you that there is an uncanny relationship between numbers and words. In fact, this concept has been given merit and studied in relation to biblical texts for hundreds of years.

Kabbalist Jewish scholars call this study gematria and believe that there is a hidden code in the Torah that contains clues to current and future events.

The concept of gematria numerology stems from the idea that mathematics is the universal language of nature and within it may be the keys to explaining our universe or evidence of a supernatural power.

Marty Leeds has taken this concept of the Kabbalistic gematria and applied it to the English language, believing that he has found a cypher in our alphabet to prove this theory. In Hebrew, every letter is given a numerical value and those values can be added up to achieve the numerical value of a word.

While some might think that this is a system of drawing arbitrary connections, practitioners of gematria believe there to be an intentional context to the sounds of the vowels and consonants that we use in language with an interconnected mathematical meaning. An example of the influence of gematria in Judaism can be found in the tzitzit, the shawl worn during Jewish ceremony. Combing the numerical value of the knot, and the number of strands of knots, with the value of the word tzitzit results in the numberwhich is the same as the number of commandments in the Torah.

Hebrew scholars are not the only ones who have given consideration to the concept of gematria, as it is also common to other religions and cultures. Plato made reference to Greek gematria, and the Abjad numerals are the Arabic equivalent. Many of us even have similar beliefs when it comes to superstitions that are seated in religion, whether we know it or not. Some have found the gematria of to be a reference to Nero Caesar. Leeds says that it makes sense that a language could be distilled down into basic numbers since we already do this with binary code.

what is gematria effect sports

The intricacies of everything that is digital can be broken down into 1s and 0s. The main focus of the Kabbalistic use of gematria is on the name of God. Leeds has applied his cipher of the English alphabet to the tetragrammaton and believes there is something there. He breaks down the 26 letters of the English alphabet into two parts, as a representation of duality in our world.

He uses the number 7, representing the seven days of creation, to assign numbers to each letter of the alphabet. He then points to the summation of the non-prime numbers, denoted by the Jewish menorah, equaling When 22 is divided by 7 the result is 3. This is where he says to have found the name of god, in pi, an archetypical number of creation that is central to mathematics, extending infinitely in its calculation. When the numerical value of the Hebrew letters of the tetragrammaton are added up, they come out to 26, the number of letters in our alphabet.

The characters themselves, according to Leeds, look like they symbolize pi begotten by 7 and pi begotten by 7 — or the same way that he has used gematria to break up the English alphabet to create his cipher. Leeds says there is innate evidence like this in many aspects of our world, like with the number three. Three can be found in descriptions of the divine throughout a number of religions. The primordial sound AUM is often spelled with three letters and has a 3 in its character. Time is represented by the past, present and future and, of course, pi is represented by 3.

The 3 degrees and 33 degrees are also very symbolic in Freemasonry. The evidence of gematria in freemasonry is thought to be seen in the strange way masons letter their passwords.

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This evidence of a kabbalistic influence dates back as far as the early s. Some have pointed out that the word God is thought to be an acronym rooted in Freemasonry and Hebrew. But are these alphanumerical connections evidence of a secret code that is undeniable proof of a creator or merely coincidental and cherry picked?

What more can we glean from this code if it is significant? Does your name in gematria tell you anything? Log In Sign Up. Gaia Staff.April 15, Dead at 85? Green Bay, Wisconsin?

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Keep in mind Tarvaris Jackson reportedly died at PM just days ago This Packer is dead days after the Super Bowl Post a Comment. Read more. April 14, Dead at Quite symbolic, for Major League Baseball.

Notice he is dead days after his birthday. Yankees also sums to 37, the 12th prime. For the record, his name was right for 'baseball'. He has died on a date with 38 numerology. Don't forget there are double stitches on a baseball. April 09, Notice the Again, Event was the coronavirus outbreak simulation of October 18,the same day the Military World Games began in Wuhan, China.

Nadia the Tiger was diagnosed with the virus. Tiger died. Netflix's 1 show during the time of quarantine is Tiger King. And now Tiger Woods is in self quarantine. Also interesting is that the year of the Tiger will take place in Could they be hinting at how long we will be dealing with coronavirus for? For one last thought…. Miss England, Bhasha Mukherjee, beauty queen, hangs up her crown to fight coronavirus, April 6, news.

April 06, Notice the mention of years. He died on his th day of his age, and the 97th day of the year. More posts.Easter Sunday had 56 date numerology, and was on the day leaving days in the year, the 56th prime. Dead at 25? The model and rapper Chynna died earlier this week at the same age. He was the owner of the Arizona Coyotes and Arizona Cardinals.

These are numbers showing up constantly in recent celebrity deaths and diagnosis. Recall, this was the year of Super Bowl 54, and the Kansas City Chiefs won, and it was synced with Doug Williams 64th birthday, the first black QB to win a Super Bowl, one of three, and all three played for teams with native symbolism Redskins, Chiefs, and the Seattle Seahawks, the team frmo the city named after Chief Seattle.

Think of how Patrick Mahomes was tutored by Alex Smith, who played for the 49ers and Chiefs, before getting traded to the Redskins, and then breaking his leg on the nd day of the year with the Redskins, November 18,with JJ Watt on top of him, the man born on March Read about the Washington Nationals vs. Bush died vs. He died days shy of his 85th birthday. Read more about that here:. That is interesting because today has 45 date numerology. April 1 will be her th day of her age.

That matters because Kobe Bryant died on his th day of his age. Let us not forget, April 1 is April Fools Day. The man who put out the tweet first, C. Regarding 84, that is the year Jordan was drafted, With regards to the February 24 memorial, on the 55th day of the year, the documentary comes days later, the number that is significant to The Boule.

Lee Green of New York died March 23,the 83rd day of the year, and I doubt it was from the coronavirus. We know about 83 and murder. And 66 date numerology. Anthony Yarde was born August 13,meaning his father died days after his 28th birthday, on the 28th of March. The man who owns the Madison Square Garden company has come down with the coronavirus on the 88th day of the year, March 28, Coronavirus Entertainment Sports. Murder by Numbers News Sports.

Colby Cave played in 11 games this season. Coronavirus Sports World War.

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Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers Sports. Recall, Kobe Bryant died at age 41, in a helicopter crash, January 26, Coronavirus Murder by Numbers Sports. Coronavirus News Sports.


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